The Vision of the Timothy Project is to reach, inspire and elevate young people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, teaching Character Education, Character Development and Character Building


The Mission of the Timothy Project is an afterschool program to enhance the lives of youth through life skills and enrichment teaching, character building and moral value principles. Personal Development is the cornerstone of our program.

Impactful Youth Mentoring

Timothy Project: Youth Mentoring Youth in Houston, Texas is a youth mentoring program for ages 8-11 and 12-17. It is an excellent program it offering youth, ages 14 and up, an opportunity to become lead mentors and share their talents and skills with other youth (with adult supervision) in Activities That Teach.

Due to Covid-19, The Timothy Project meets online every Tuesday (ages 8-12) ; Thursday (ages 13-17). By using group discussions, teaching activities and virtual field trips, our students will be engaged in developing a godly character, proper etiquette in social settings, and build self-esteem.

Through this program, students will acquire practical skills to help them move on to the next level with fewer or no problems with drugs, or delinquency. As a youth peer-mentoring program, we help students achieve practical goals through individual and group mentoring sessions for ages 8 to 17.

Class Sessions

To launch a successful career, many experts are now prescribing mentors. In fact, just about everyone could use some form of mentor/mentee relationship. After working twice a week with their peers in structured class sessions, young people are inspired to excel in school and at home. Group discussions are always a great hit among participants. They enjoy a variety of topics, such as anger management, behavior modification, communication, conflict resolution, peer pressure, problem solving, and a host of other subjects. We do not hold sessions on the first Tuesday and first Thursday of each month.

TP Engage Our Youth In:

  • Character Education (“In Search of Character”)
  • Character Development
  • Character Building
  • Activities That Teach


Youth will experience a minimum of two field trips giving them knowledge and exposure to the culture of their city and, etiquette training to help them in social settings.

The Enrichment objectives will have a transforming effect upon their cultural understanding and an enhancing affect upon their self-esteem.

Current Participants

The project is in place in four school districts: Channelview, Galena Park, Humble, and Sheldon I.S.D. Our participants demonstrate growth by exhibiting an increased self-image and greater self-worth. They possess greater motivational skills, and they are empowered through the development of their leadership skills. Because of the densely populated single-parent households in the Houston area, youth mentoring is an especially important method of supporting and guiding our children.