Life Skills

Life Skills

Timothy Project provides spiritual, emotional and practical life-skills sessions that includes character building skills for youth age 8 to 18; communication, relationship and career building discussion for age 13 to 17; young adult and parental involvement group sessions for 18 to 21. See chart below:


Activities That Teach

Building Blocks of Good Character

Building Character


Get A Winning Attitude


I Blew it! Learning from Failure


Know Yourself: The Secret of Self-Esteem

Making Decisions, Solving Problems

Manners Kids Should Know

Respect for Others’ Feelings

Safety Activities for Youth

Safety Island Game


When You Should Tell

Winning Attitude


Activities That Teach

Anger Management

Conflict Resolution

Cool to be Me: Self Esteem

Dr. Playwell’s Anger Control Games

Eating Right. Looking Good. Feeling Great. Healthy Me.

Feeling Dominoes Game

Get A Grip! Self-Management Skills

I’m All That! Building Self-Esteem

In A Box: Attitude, Self-Control, Motivation

In Control: Six Games in One

Intelligent Anger Game

Positive Relationships

Problem Solving

Respect: It Starts with You

Smart and Anger Game

Taking Charge of Me: Emotional I.Q.

What if You Lose When You Play to Win


Activities That Teach

Basic Computer Literacy

Basic Math

Career Development


Ethics On the Job

Exploring Career Search: Taking the First Step

Exploring Careers: What’s Right for You

Finding and Developing Your Strengths

Get A Goal! Get A Life!

Go, Go, Goals! How to Get There

Goal Setting

How to Succeed in Middle School

Interview Challenge: A Career Education Game

Life Lessons for Young Adolescents

School to Work: Essential Skills

School to Work: Workplace Basics


Student Workshop, Communication: The #1 Job Skill

Student Workshop: Decisions, Decisions

Study Skills Plus Attitude: The Winning Combination

Team Work: A Skill You’ll Need

What if You Lose When You Play to Win

You Can Succeed in School

Your Career Search: Taking the First Step